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La Pitahaya

Evan Quiroz, MHS Class of 1961 and a Tiger Legend, has published, La Pitahaya, the school annuals from Martin High School and made them accessible to everyone on Border Title Co's Web Page. He also published many of the Old Laredo High annuals since it was closed when Martin High School opened and the Old Laredo last class graduated in 1937 holding its graduating exercise at the new Martin High School building which opened in March of that year. Old Laredo High annual's name was La Pitayaha and Martin High continued with this tradition in its first full year of existence in 1938.

Once a Tiger is indebted to Evan Quiroz as well as many of our Laredo Graduates should be. Once a Tiger has awarded him a lifetime full privileges, enrollment as a member of the MHS Class of 1961 and a lifetime member of our related web sites, My-School-Mates, Laredo Class Reunions, Tiger Legends and Once a Tiger. Thanks to both Evan Quiros and Border Title Co. Special Recognition to the Quiroz Family, We offer Evan  Quiroz, his sister, Quilan, and all of their family our humble condolences on the recent death of their father, Evan Belasario Quiros, Sr., December 13, 2009 at the age of 91.

Our School Mate, Evan Quiroz, has expanded access to include annuals from Nixon High School and also from St Joseph Academy. There are some years that a School Annual was not available for him to be able to scan into digital form and make them available on the internet. If you happen to have or know where there is a volume of one of the missing please contact us so that we can make it available to him for all to be able to enjoy. We will also grant whoever provides a missing volume a lifetime membership in our related web sites and once it is scanned we will return the volume.

The 1997 La Pitahaya was a Special Edition which provides the History of La Pitahaya, Old Laredo High and has information on Raymond and Tirza Martin who the school was named after when it opened in March of 1937. It also reviews many of the years and compares "Then" to "Now" as how it was and how it was in 1997.

For a better understanding of La Pitahaya, Old Laredo High and Martin High School's History we suggest that your review at least pages 1 - 9 and if you have the time review up to page 44 up to 1997 Senior's starting pages.  If you can of course see not only the 1997 "La Pitahaya" in its entirety but all the school annuals.

La Pitahaya 1997.

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